Even with the advances of high tech fabrics in  outdoor apparel, people still suffer from the cold. The  lack of body movement, hours of prolonged exposure,  wind chill and humidity all can cause someone to be  uncomfortably cold to the point of danger even if  dressed appropriately. Continuous exposure to cold  weather may lead to permanent nerve damage, early  arthritis, joint pain and even hypothermia. In addition,  some of you may live with a medical condition that  contributes to being more sensitive to the cold such  as:

 » Raynaud's Disease
 » Buerger's Disease
 » Diabetes
» Scleroderma
» Fibromyalgia
» Arthritis

 There is no cure for Raynaud's disease and the only  recommended treatment is to do whatever you can to  stay warm in cold weather. Gerbing's Heated Clothing  offers a full line of electrically heated clothing for a  variety of activities to help you stay warm in cold  weather situations. In some cases your Doctor can  recommend our products for your treatment and you  may be able to get medical coverage.

 WARNING: Gerbing’s Heated Clothing should not be  used by a person who is paralyzed or is unable to  regulate the heat output.
When colder outside temperatures are detected, the nervous system restricts blood flow to the extremities to maintain the body's core temperatures. The toes and the fingers quickly become uncomfortably cold. Other factors aggravate the situation such as poorly fitting clothing, physical activity levels, individual physiology, and improper selection, use, and care of your clothing . Also, the presence of moisture (damp footwear, gloves) increases thermal transfer significantly. This causes heat to escape more rapidly and cold to penetrate faster.